Republicans and Independents for Fontes Coalition - Re-Elect Adrian Fontes for Secretary of State

The Fontes for Secretary of State campaign is proud to announce its Republicans and Independents For Fontes Coalition.

The group is composed of a dynamic cross-section of leading Arizona business and community leaders who can effectively bring Republican and Independent voters into the Fontes coalition.

The coalition members currently include:

Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R)

Former County Supervisor Don Stapley (R)
Former Mayor Paul Johnson (I)
Former State Senator Heather Carter (I)
Former State Representative Deb Gullett (R)
Former State Representative Roberta Voss (I)
Former City of Tempe Mayor Neil Giuliano (I)
Former Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley (R)
Mesa Mayor John Giles (R)
Former Maricopa County Supervisor Andy Kunasek
David Adame (R)
Carlos Alfaro (R)
Ruben Alvarez (I)
Lydia Aranda (R)
Auggie Bartening (R)
Al Bell (I)
Robert Brady (I)
Paul Brierly (R)
Nathan Brown (R)
Cassidy Campana (R)

Paul Charlton (I)
Jonathan Gelbart (I)

Adam Goodman (I)
John Graham (R)
Wes Gullett (R)
Paul Hickman (R)
Jack Lunsford (R)
Jane Lynch (R)
Danny Mazza (R)
Pat McGroder, III (R)
Tommy McKone (R)
Juan Mojica (R)
Matt Morales (R)
Bettina Nava (R)
David Ralls (R)
Tim Reister
Richard Sinclair (I)
Clint Smith (I)
Alec Thomson (I)
Brad Wright (I)

Republicans and Independents interested in joining, please contact Political Director, Sophie O’Keefe-Zelman: