Republicans and Independents for Fontes Coalition - Adrian Fontes for Secretary of State

The Fontes for Secretary of State campaign is proud to announce its Republicans and Independents For Fontes Coalition.

The group is composed of a dynamic cross-section of leading Arizona business and community leaders who can effectively bring Republican and Independent voters into the Fontes coalition.

The coalition members currently include:

  • Mayor of Mesa John Giles (R)
  • Former County Supervisor Don Stapley (R)
  • Former Mayor Paul Johnson (I)
  • Former State Senator Heather Carter (I)
  • Former State Representative Deb Gullett (R)
  • Former State Representative Roberta Voss (I) 
  • Former City of Tempe Mayor Neil Giuliano (I)
  • Former Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley (R) 
  • David Adame (R)
  • Carlos Alfaro (R)
  • Ruben Alvarez (I)
  • Auggie Bartening (R)
  • Nathan Brown (R)
  • Cassidy Campana (R)
  • Paul Charlton (R)
  • Jonathan Gelbart (I)
  • Adam Goodman (I)
  • John Graham (R)
  • Neil Giuliano (I)
  • Wes Gullett (R)
  • Jack Lunsford (R)
  • Pat McGroder, III (R) 
  • Tommy McKone (R)
  • Juan Mojica (R)
  • Matt Morales (R)
  • Bettina Nava (R)
  • David Ralls (R)
  • Clint Smith (I)
  • Alec Thomson (I)
  • Brad Wright (I)

Republicans and Independents interested in joining, please contact Political Director, Sophie O’Keefe-Zelman: